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Before contacting us, check out our list of most frequently asked questions. Still can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Q. How do you define a classic vehicle?

A. Unlike veteran cars there is no agreed timescales for a ‘classic’ vehicle. Definitions vary by organiser, insurance companies and the DVLA. We define a classic vehicle as being over 20 years old, but we are always flexible if you drive something you love, and which we think our visitors would like to see.

Q. Why do I have to pay to display my vehicle?

A. We try to offer owners great locations to display their vehicles and we work hard with the venues to plan and execute a professional event. We charge an administration fee of £4 (including all passengers) which covers the basic costs of putting on the event including obtaining relevant insurances, the provisions of facilities such as toilets, and the costs of any awards, judges and stewards. We monitor the costs of all these items in order to ensure that we do not make any profit from these administration costs.

Q. How does the exhibitor parking work? Do you park in classes?

A. We took the decision at the start of the 2021 season to take a mixed parking approach to all our shows. We love the variety and breadth of the cars on display, and we feel it adds an extra something to the show. We will continue with this approach going forward.

Q. What time do I need to arrive if I am exhibiting my car?

A. Entry for exhibitors (including Clubs) opens at 8am and closes promptly at 10am. Please ensure that you arrive by 10am if you want to show your car on the event field. We close the exhibitor gates at 10am because this is the time that our public admission gates open – moving cars and pedestrians do not mix well!

Q. What happens if I am delayed, but still want to exhibit my car?

A. We cannot permit any entry for exhibitors to the show field itself after 10am, but we do have some limited VIP parking at the edge of the field at some of our shows. Your safest bet is to arrive between 8am and 10am, to ensure you can park on the field.

Q. I am not on a Club stand, but want to exhibit with friends. Will you park us together?

A. The easiest option is to agree a place to meet nearby and arrive together. We will always try to accommodate requests to park together. but if you arrive separately, particularly during our busiest time (9am – 10am) this may not always be possible. We would recommend arriving together if at all possible.

Q. Are there any awards at the shows?

A. We have experienced judges at all our events and always have awards ranging from ‘Daily Driver’ and ‘Oldest Classic, through to ‘Best in Show’. The exact number of awards varies for each show and depend on the number of vehicles booked to join us. Some of our events feature an interactive arena, where we host the famous ‘Decibel Duel’ – if your car is loud, bring it in!

Q. Can I enter my car into the judging?

A. All vehicles on the main show field by 11am are automatically entered into our static judging. Some awards are chosen in the arena (if applicable) and vehicles are invited to join us to be considered.

Q. What if I do not want my vehicle judged?

A. Just let our judges know that you would prefer not to be judged, or pop and see us at our base on site.

Q. Why do you insist that vehicles must be on display from 10am to 4pm?

A. As part of our planning with the venues, our insurer and local councils, we work to ensure an orderly and safe event for all. It is an important part of our commitment to the venue (and a requirement of our insurance) that the vehicles will be on site and static during the period when the public are in attendance. Also, the public pay to view the cars – without the cars, there is no show! We do understand that, for some shows, the weather may make staying for the entire event difficult, but generally speaking we hugely appreciate the support and dedication of our exhibitors in ensuring that each show is a great experience for everyone. All exhibitors in place when the show closes will be awarded with a commemorative show plaque as a small thank you.

Q. What if I need to leave early for an emergency?

A. We will authorise a small number of early departures to cover any genuine, unforeseen emergencies. 

Q. Does my vehicle need to be concours standard to be on display?

A. Definitely not. We love to see vehicles at all stages of their lives, whether they have had a facelift, or are showing their wrinkles with pride!

Q. My car is newer than 2000 – Can I still display my vehicle?

A. If your vehicle is a classic of the future, and you are a member of a club, please book through your club. If you are a club that has not booked with us previously, or if you are a private exhibitor with a car that is less than 20 years old, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. 

Q. I am a member of a club – How do I book a club stand space?

A. Club pitches can be booked online via our website. We encourage Clubs not yet registered for our events to join the 200+ clubs that already exhibit with us during the season – please get in touch so that we can add your club. 

Q. I’ve missed pre-booking, can I still attend?

A. Yes, you are still more than welcome to join us by purchasing an on-the-day ticket at the gate before 10am, subject to availability and/or space constraints. Once you get to our marshals on the entry gate, let them know that you need to pay on the day.

Q. What happens in the event of show cancellation?

We do not refund exhibitor tickets, but if we have to cancel a show we will try to reschedule the event and give you a credit for the rescheduled event, or, if rescheduling isn’t possible that season, the same event the following year. We will of course give you as much notice as possible regarding cancellation and will keep our website updated.


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