Catering Terms & Conditions

Attended by hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, our catering partners have a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Below you’ll find our catering terms & conditions, that list everything you need to know. If you have any questions regarding the below information, ahead of submitting an application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

The following terms and conditions apply to any booking made for catering space in relation to any event organised by Classic Motor Events Limited, subsequently referred to as the Event Organisers.

1. APPLICATION: The Caterer must complete the online booking process, including submission of all required supporting documentation. The Caterer shall be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions upon booking.

2. CATERERS RESPONSIBILITIES: The Caterer shall indemnify the Event Organisers against all claims, damages, or expenses whatsoever in any way arising from the presence of the Caterer at the event. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a Condition of Entry. Caterers must provide details of their public liability insurance (covering their own property and third party claims) on booking. Caterers employing staff must provide details of their employers liability insurance on booking.

3. ALLOCATION OF SPACE: The allocation of sites, including the positioning of trade units, will be entirely at the discretion of the Event Organisers. The Event Organiser does not offer exclusivity for any product or service.

4. SUB-LETTING OR SPLITTING STANDS: Caterers are forbidden from sub-letting any portion of the space allotted to them and are only permitted to offer the agreed menu or range of products/services.

5. CANCELLATION OF SPACE: All persons who have booked and paid for catering space and subsequently cancel the booking or fail to attend shall forfeit all fees and charges paid. The Event Organisers reserves the right to re-let such space.

6. ALLOCATION OF CATERING TICKETS: Caterers will be allowed two single adult tickets for each catering space booked. Additional passes if required can be requested on booking but will be paid for. Staff or volunteers should park in the public car parks. The Event Organisers cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten entry tickets.

7. SITE PREPARATION & COMPLETION: Caterers may begin preparation of their sites on the day prior to the show. The setting up of all units must be completed by 10.00am at the latest on show day.

8. DISMANTLING OF UNITS: Removal of catering units may not commence before 16:00 on the day of the show and all units  are to be removed by 20:00 latest. Caterers are responsible for their own rubbish and must dispose of this either by removing it from the site or using the waste disposal facilities provided by the Event Organisers. Any vehicles arriving to remove units will not be admitted to the showground before 16:00.

9. SECURITY: All property left overnight are left entirely at the risk of the Caterer.

10. CATERERS’ VEHICLES: All  caterers’ vehicles, unless  part of the servicing requirements, must be removed from the event ground by 10:00 on the day of the show. These vehicles should be moved to the appropriate parking area. No vehicle whilst on the event ground shall be driven at speeds in excess of 5mph.

11. LITTER: Caterers providing meals, food and light refreshments must provide their own bins for waste food and ensure these are removed from the event ground on departure.

12. FOOD AND CATERING: No Exhibitor or Trader other than the show’s appointed Caterers will be allowed to sell food and drink for consumption in the event ground.

13. PA EQUIPMENT & RADIO COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: The use of PA and radio communication is strictly prohibited unless permission is given, as this can interfere with the security radios.

14. FIRE SAFETY: All Caterers must have suitable fire safety equipment, including a working and tested fire extinguisher. The Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect all units and equipment and further to order the use of such equipment to be discontinued should it contravene fire and safety regulations. All Caterers are required by law to provide a fire risk assessment for their stand.

15. POSTPONEMENT OR ABANDONMENT: Caterers shall not have any claim against the Event Organisers in respect of loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the event or any part of it failing (for whatever reason) to be held or having to be abandoned.

16. COMPLIANCE: All Caterers must be compliant with all current legislation and regulations relating to their business and the running of their business

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